Conquest V6 2.5-15×56 ASV


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This is the same scope as the V6 2.5-15X56 but has the ASV  turret.

The idea behind the bullet drop compensation ASV is to achieve accurate aiming at all times. How does it work? You use the height adjustment of your riflescope. Too complicated? Not with the ASV, which adjusts the elevation for the hunter. A sort of “distance scale” of 100 to 400 or, depending on the load used, even 600 metres replaces the linear scale with click markings. For a bullet that falls, for example, 12 cm over 200 metres six clicks will give a “2” (for 200 m), 15 clicks will give a “3” (for 300 m) and so on – and naturally all with the corresponding interim markings.