Gun Servicing and Repairs

FA Anderson offers competitively priced, in-house, air rifle, shotgun and rifle servicing and repairs.

Action tightening

As guns get older the action gradually becomes loose and for safety reasons needs to be tightened.


Some shotguns have fixed chokes or a restriction at the muzzle, usually to give a tighter spread or pattern of the pellets. Sometimes this choking can be more than the shooter requires, and this can be reduced to the customer’s needs.

Replacement of springs and firing pins, barrel work, stock alteration to suit the fit of the individual and re-finishing are all part of the service provided.

Repair Prices + 20% VAT
Strip & clean Box Lock £110
Strip & clean Side Lock £160
Tightening action £90 – £180
Raise dents and lapping – per barrel £75
Chokes (each) £60
Firing pins (each) £50 (from)
New springs £50 (from)
Re-jointing – new cross pin £180
Strip and re-lay ribs and black £440 (from)
Re-black barrels (includes preparation) £190
Re-brown barrels (includes preparation) £290
Lengthen stock with pad £110 (from)
Lengthen stock with wood £170 (from)
Shorten stock (re-fit original pad or plate) £65 (from)
Cast stock – one way (adjustments to set stocks are done at owners risk) £90
Cast stock – two way (adjustments to set stocks are done at owners risk) £140
Refinishing stock and fore end including chequering £295